Solana Saga became the worst smartphone of the year

Youtube blogger Markes Brownlee (MKBHD) has compiled a rating of smartphones in 2023. It includes devices from Apple, Samsung, Asus and other manufacturers.

The winner in the nomination “The best smartphone of the year” was the Google Pixel 8. According to Marques Brownlee, the device was in the first place thanks to a high-quality screen with a brightness of 2000 nits and a refresh rate of 120 Hz, as well as the functions of artificial intelligence from the company Google.

We will remind you that in October 2023, Google introduced the Assistant with Bard digital assistant with AI support. Company officials said they intend to extend legal protection to users of some of their AI services.

Marcus Brownlee also selected several smartphones in different categories and named the winners:

  • phone of the year with a large screen: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra;
  • best small smartphone: Asus Zenfone 10;
  • price-quality ratio of the device: Samsung Galaxy A54;
  • the most powerful smartphone: Apple iPhone 15 Plus;
  • device with the best camera: Apple iPhone 15 Pro;
  • the award for the best design went to the Honor Magic v2.
  • Notably, the Saga smartphone from Solana Labs was named the worst mobile device of the year.

“Nowadays it is very difficult to buy a bad phone, but I managed to find such a device. The flop of 2023 is the Saga smartphone from Solana. It has a good build quality and design, but otherwise buying such a device is a terrible idea,” Brownlee believes.

We will remind you that in April 2023, Solana Labs introduced the Saga smartphone. A few months after the start of sales, the company lowered the price to $599 due to a drop in demand.

Meanwhile, smartphone sales increased tenfold in December. The hype around the device is related to the airdrop of BONK tokens for buyers.

Solana Labs representatives later reported that all phones were sold out. On eBay, two smartphones were immediately bought for $5,000, another 20 phones were purchased for $2,000 each.